CBIIT Seeks an Expert in Artificial Intelligence and Federated Learning

Are you skilled in artificial intelligence (AI) and federated learning (FL) approaches and looking to expand your employment horizons? Come work with us at NCI’s CBIIT! We’re seeking a bioinformatics specialist with particular expertise in AI and FL.

View the full listing on USAJobs. The application window opens February 19 and closes February 23, 2024 (or when the website has received 125 applications, whichever comes first). Apply today!

To qualify, you should be able to:

  • apply your technical expertise in AI and FL to support biomedical research programs.
  • show examples of technologies you’ve developed using Natural Language Processing or other machine learning approaches.
  • communicate and collaborate with others to develop and use AI and FL approaches.
  • lead AI (and preferably FL) solutions, projects, or teams to support cancer research programs.
  • confirm that you have a bachelor’s (or graduate/higher level) degree in a major study in an academic field related to the medical, health sciences, or allied scientific fields.

A sampling of your duties include:

  • leading and supporting work related to AI and FL programs, projects, and services.
  • advising on the best ways to use AI and FL for collecting data (i.e., from medical imaging, genomics, electronic health records, and patient-reported outcomes).
  • developing FL technologies using Natural Language Processing, or other machine learning approaches, to help use and manage genomics data (e.g., identifying key characteristics, annotating data sets, detecting adverse events, and assuring quality control).
  • leading and advising on FL-related studies (including basic, clinical, translational, and population research studies).
  • coordinating and supporting FL contracts within CBIIT and advising other NCI divisions in FL-involved grants/contracts as needed.
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