Apply for Bioinformatics Analysis Research Position at NCI’s Center for Cancer Research

Are you an experienced molecular biologist or geneticist? Apply for this bioinformatics analyst position with NCI’s Center for Cancer Research (CCR).

See the CCR website for the full job description and how to apply.

This full-time research position requires a Ph.D. (or equivalent degree) and is located in Bethesda, Maryland. In this role, you’ll:

  • identify targetable mutations in signaling pathways that could be used in drug development, cancer screening, and more.
  • do statistical modeling using large biological data sets.
  • perform transcriptome analysis by single cell RNA sequencing of biopsies.

Apply for this job if you have experience in:

  • biological data set analysis.
  • computer science.
  • biostatistics.
  • bioinformatics.
  • statistics.
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