Screenshot of the ISB-CGC Cancer Gateway in the Cloud homepage, showing the Mitelman Database as the third panel in the Data Browser Section, "Chromosomal Aberrations & Gene Fusions DB." Full header text reads, "A Resource of the NCI Cancer Research Data Commons. ISB-CGC Cancer Gateway in the Cloud. Access, Explore and Analyze Large-Scale Cancer Data Through the Google Cloud." Data Browsers. First panel text reads, "BigQuery Table Search." Icon of calendar. "Browse BigQuery tables of metadata and molecular cancer data from the Genomic Data Commons and other sources. Jump directly to a table to perform discovery and computation via SQL." Icon of lightbulb. "Learn." Icon of rocket ship. "Launch." Second panel text reads, "Cancer Data File Browser." Icon of funnel. "Explore a comprehensive selection of cancer related data files in Google Cloud Storage Buckets, such as raw sequencing, cancer nucleotide variation, pathology or radiology images." Icon of lightbulb. "Learn." Icon of rocket ship. "Launch." Third panel text reads, "Chromosomal Aberrations & Gene Fusions DB." Icon of DNA hilux. "Browse the Mitelman Database of Chromosome Aberrations and Gene Fusions in Cancer which relates cytogenetic changes, in particular gene fusions, to tumor characteristics. Icon of lightbulb. "Learn." Icon of rocket ship. "Launch." Fourth and final panel text reads, "The TP53 Database." Icon of a gene specimen. "Explore the TP53 Database that compiles various types of data and information from the literature and generalist databases on human TP53 gene variations related to cancer." Icon of lightbulb. "Learn." Icon of rocket ship. "Launch."
The Mitelman Database can be accessed through the ISB-CGC homepage.