Screenshot of the PANOPLY public tutorial interface that reads, ABOUT THE WORKSPACE PANOPLY Tutorial

PANOPLY is a platform for applying state-of-the-art statistical and machine learning algorithms to transform multi-omic data from cancer samples into biologically meaningful and interpretable results. PANOPLY leverages Terra-a cloud-native platform for extreme-scale data analysis, sharing, and collaboration-to host proteogenomic workflows, and is designed to be flexible, automated, reproducible, scalable, and secure. A wide array of algorithms applicable to all cancer types have been implemented, and we highlight the application of PANOPLY to the analysis of cancer proteogenomic data.

This PANOPLY tutorial provides a tour of how to use the PANOPLY proteogenomic data analysis pipeline, using the breast cancer dataset published in Mertins, et. al.] The input dataset ( file) can be found in the tutorial subdirectory, along with a HTML version of this tutorial.
Public Tutorial for PANOPLY