Definition for Adrenal Cortex Adenoma in the NCI Thesaurus. Text reads: Equivalent to Adenoma and 'Benign Endocrine Neoplasm'  and 'Benign Adrenal Cortex Neoplasm'  and (Disease_Has_Normal_Cell_Origin some 'Adrenal Cortical Cell')  and (Disease_Has_Abnormal_Cell some 'Neoplastic Adrenal Cortical Cell')  and (Disease_Has_Finding some 'Well-Circumscribed Lesion') and (Disease_ May_Have__Cytogenetic_Abnormality some 'Gain of Chromosome 1q') and (Disease_May_Have_Cytogenetic_Abnormality some 'Gain of Chromosome 9q') and (Disease_May_Have_Cytogenetic_Abnormality some 'Loss of Chromosome 1p') and (Disease_May_Have_Finding some 'Encapsulated Mass') and (Disease_Excludes_Finding some 'Tumor Vascular Invasion') and (Disease_Excludes_Finding some 'Capsular Invasion')

Figure 2. The figure shows an example of a logical definition for the concept C9003, “adrenal cortex adenoma,” in the NCIt.