Screenshot of workflow editor interface. At top, there are tabs for “My Projects” and “Public Apps”. In this left-hand section, you can search for public apps, or browse and select from the list below. To the right is a visual editor window. At the top of the window there are three tabs: “App Info”, “Visual Editor”, and “Code.” The “Visual Editor” view is displayed showing a series of circles connected in the following order: 1. Gene-cell count matrices (with file icon) 2. Load Single-Cell Data (with code icon), 3. Quality Control (with code icon), 4. Normalisation Transformation and PCA (with code icon), 5. Clustering and Biomarker Identification (with code icon), and 4 circles in no order with file icons stating, “Output Seurat object”, “Clustering results table”, “Report”, and “Biomarker plots.”

The workflow editor makes it easy to wrap a tool in CWL for portability to the cloud.