Screenshot of the CGC public apps webpage (found as the third navigation item on the left). The page info cards for each of the 616 publicly available apps. Three app cards are fully shown: 1. Title - Alignment Metrics QC, version – Toolkit version: SBGTools 1, Description – Running this pipeline will provide you with useful statistics to help you judge the quality of your alignment…, sort labels – quality-control, SAM/BAM-processing, Copy button, Run Button 2. Title – Bismark Analysis, version –Toolkit version: Bismark 0.19.0, Description – Bismark Analysis 0.10.0 Is a workflow for analyzing DNA methylation, a type of epigentic modification, by processing… sort labels – Epigenetics, Methylation, Copy button, Run Button. 3. Title – BROAD Best Practices RNA-Seq Variant Callin…, version –, Description – This workflow represents the GATK Best Practices for SNP and INDEL calling on RNA-Seq data. Starting from an unmapped…, sort labels – Transcriptomics, Variant Calling, Copy button, Run Button.

The Public Apps Gallery on the CGC contains hundreds of tools and workflows.