Infographic detailing ATOM-HP’s efforts to collect information from a patient’s experience to influence their treatment. Titled “Life Span Navigation: Step by Step,” the first image on the far left is of a potential patient. In step A, the NCI/DOD collect measurements from analytical tools for the objective measurement of human health (pictures of wearable sensors are included as examples of these tools). In Step B, the NCI and VA forecast the patient’s experience against a patient cohort (an icon of a multiple distinct people represent this cohort). In step C, the disease status, NIH and the pharmaceutical industry collect information about the disease. Icons for various data collection techniques are listed including HD single cell analysis, rare cell morphoproteo-genomics, Therapy and Drug selection, the Big-data scientist training enhancement program, mathematical models to accurately represent patient cohorts, and a data visualization technique. The steps result in the X: Navigator with the following descriptor “Provide patients and physicians more relevant, accurate, and actionable information to improve treatment options.”