Updated CTD² Dashboard Offers Links to External Data Resources and Web Applications

NCI’s Office of Cancer Genomics supports the Cancer Target Discovery and Development (CTD²) initiative, a collaborative network of research teams. CTD² aims to bridge the knowledge gap between large-scale genomic data sets and the underlying etiology of cancer development, progression, and metastasis.

The CTD² is a “community resource project,” and network members release their data to the Data Portal and Dashboard for other investigators to use, further maximizing the potential impact of their findings.

  • The CTD² Data Portal offers access to raw/analyzed primary data generated from different types of experimental and computational approaches. 
  • The CTD² Dashboard is an interactive web database that hosts results and allows users to connect targets, biomarkers, and modulators with evidence to support the validation. It provides easy navigation for computational and non-computational biologists.

Recent improvements to the CTD² Dashboard include a user-friendly presentation, a way to annotate experimental methods, an updated search function, and new links to external data resources and web applications. For a more in-depth description of capability improvements, check out Issue 25 of the Office of Cancer Genomics (OCG) e-Newsletter.

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