Search Engine Tool Targets Peptide in Mass Spectrometry Proteomic Data Sets

Find and identify specific peptides in proteomics data sets faster and easier by using the updated search engine tool, PepQuery2. With this tool, you can quickly identify peptides in novel, tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS) proteomics data sets.

By using PepQuery2, you can:

  • detect proteomic evidence for predicted novel peptides,
  • validate novel and known peptides identified through spectrum-centric database searching,
  • prioritize tumor-specific antigens,
  • identify missing proteins, and
  • select proteotypic peptides for targeted proteomics experiments.

You can use PepQuery2 as a stand-alone tool to search over one billion indexed MS/MS spectra in the PepQueryDB or any public data sets from various repositories, including cancer data sets. Also, developers extended the original PepQuery web version to include public proteomics data sets from flagship Clinical Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium studies.

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