Newly Upgraded Index of Studies Helps Catalog NCI Research Programs

Interested in learning more about NCI’s cancer research programs, projects, and research outputs?

Now, thanks to the ongoing efforts of NCI’s Index of Studies (INS), you have a newly upgraded web-based resource to help you access the information you need.

Using a redesigned, automated data gathering process, INS finds and sifts through content from NIH RePORTER, NIH iCite, and NCBI PubMed to give you information on an ever-increasing curation of NCI programs. You can display those findings in a revamped “Explore Page,” with easy-to-read tables, charts, and graphs.

You can search NCI’s programs by focus area or cancer type and see who’s funding that research (e.g., which NCI division, office, or center). You also can filter your search to examine the results from specific areas, such as Cancer MoonshotSM and health disparities. You’ll see the results (including the associated publications, grants, and projects for those programs) in an easy-to-navigate table.

To date, INS features:

  • 83 programs
  • 757 projects
  • 3,065 grants
  • 22,199 publications

As noted by Zachary Dorman, technical project manager, Center for Technical Operations Support at NCI’s Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research, “The INS shows some important steps toward transparency and accessibility of NCI information, but it’s far from comprehensive. We have more work to do. Over the next months, we’re planning to continue to enhance this resource to make it even more useful for the community.”

To that end, NCI’s seeking feedback on the next steps for INS.

Visit this newly upgraded resource to let NCI’s Office of Data Sharing know how INS can better suit your needs.
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