New Technology: Biomarker Analysis Software for High-Throughput Diagnostic Multiplex Data

Methods currently used to study extracellular vesicles (EVs) have limited sensitivity and scale due to the small size of EVs. To improve EV detection and phenotyping, investigators from NCI's Center for Cancer Research have created a software solution, which is available via NCI's Technology Transfer Center (TTC). NCI is now seeking research co-development partners and/or licensees for this biomarker analysis software.

The software provides a mechanism for high-throughput, semi-automated multidimensional data analysis for potential diagnostic and prognostic outcomes.

Potential applications for this software include:

  • packaging for high-throughput screening of EVs as diagnostic and prognostic markers in personalized medicine.

  • an interface for other multiplex assays.

For more information, view technology listing E-005-2018 on the TTC website, or email Michael Salgaller with co-development/licensing questions.

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