New Breast Cancer Data Collections Released from the I-SPY2 Clinical Trial

Two breast cancer imaging data collections have been released and made publicly available by The Cancer Imaging Archive. The collections are affiliated with the I-SPY Trial, an ongoing clinical trial.

I-SPY2 Breast Dynamic Contrast Enhanced (DCE) MRI

The I-SPY2 Breast DCE MRI is an ongoing, multi-center trial designed to quickly evaluate the efficacy of new agents for breast cancer in neoadjuvant chemotherapy setting. This collection includes DCE MRI data for patients adaptively randomized between 2010 and 2016, along with histopathologic outcome data. Breast MRI data in this collection was acquired prospectively at over 22 clinical centers using a standardized image acquisition protocol.

ACRIN 6698/I-SPY2 Breast DWI

The ACRIN trial was a multi-center study to evaluate the effectiveness of quantitative diffusion weighted imaging for assessing breast cancer response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy. ACRIN 6698 was performed as a sub-study of the ongoing I-SPY2 Trial. A separate download option is provided to access only those studies in the primary analysis cohort. In addition, DWI test/retest data acquired at baseline or early-treatment in a subset of patients is included in the full collection.

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