Integrated Canine Data Commons Has New Data from a European Top 10 Study List

Looking for canine urothelial carcinoma (InvUC) data? NCI’s Integrated Canine Data Commons (ICDC) now includes RNA sequencing and correlative clinical data from the UBC01 study, which was recently listed in the European Association of Cancer Research’s monthly selection of top 10 publications

The study sought to characterize a canine cancer model that could also represent the complexities of human cancer’s response to BRAF-targeted therapies. Most cases of canine invasive urothelial cancers have BRAF mutations that are like the human BRAF mutation. Therefore, investigators led a phase I/II clinical trial to research the effects of a BRAF-targeted drug in dogs with the mutated InvUC to compare with findings in human trials.

Through the ICDC portal, researchers can explore summaries of 38 cases from the trial including RNA sequence data from 79 malignant tumor tissue samples and 4 normal tissue samples. To access the data, researchers can select the cases of interest from the portal and download a manifest file, which can then be uploaded to the Seven Bridges Cancer Genomics Cloud to easily locate and analyze the data directly from an online browser.

As the canine component of NCI’s Cancer Research Data Commons, the ICDC aims to make comparative oncology data sets like these available to the larger cancer research community.

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