Imaging Data Commons Featured in Cancer Research

The NCI Imaging Data Commons (IDC) recently published an article in the official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) describing their efforts to develop the imaging data-specific component of the NCI Cancer Research Data Commons (CRDC).

In addition to the methodology the team used to develop IDC, the article provides links to four tutorial videos showing how to:

The IDC’s mission is to provide a public cloud-based repository of cancer imaging data and metadata and connect researchers with computational and big data analysis tools through the Google Cloud Platform and NCI’s Cloud Resources. With the latest platform release, the IDC now provides researchers access to more than 100 radiological data sets from the Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA), including studies such as The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA), Clinical Proteomic Tumor Atlas Consortium (CPTAC), Applied Proteogenomics Organizational Learning and Outcomes (APOLLO), and more.

As a CRDC component, some data sets in IDC also have complementary genomic and proteomic data in the Genomic Data Commons and Proteomic Data Commons.

To explore the data and tools available within the component, visit the IDC Portal.

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