Childhood Cancer Data Initiative—Recent Activities and Next Steps

Curious about how things are going with the Childhood Cancer Data Initiative (CCDI) projects? You can learn about CCDI’s latest progress in a recently published status report.

Read more details about CCDI’s latest efforts in Pediatric Blood & Cancer.

Some of CCDI’s current efforts include:

  • growing the CCDI Data Ecosystem with new resources to improve access to childhood cancer data,
  • expanding access to molecular characterization to children with high-risk neuroblastoma, and
  • launching the CCDI Coordinated National Initiative for Rare Cancers in Children and Young Adults to put a spotlight on very rare childhood cancers.

Other activities in progress include:

  • developing the CCDI Participant Index, a tool to connect data across the CCDI Data Ecosystem by matching and mapping digital IDs,
  • expanding enrollment and testing types in CCDI’s Molecular Characterization Initiative, and
  • planning a proof-of-concept model to demonstrate the practicality of using technology for obtaining patient consent.

CCDI’s efforts are aimed at helping you and others in the field find new and better ways of using childhood cancer data. The newly published summary offers a window into these latest projects, as well as areas for new research opportunities in the field.

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