Childhood Cancer Data Initiative’s Molecular Targets Platform Gets Upgrade

The newly launched NCI Childhood Cancer Data Initiative’s (CCDI’s) Molecular Targets Platform (MTP) recently updated features and functionalities, making it easier to search for new targets for developing therapies for childhood cancer.

Researchers can now find information on genomic regions of interest, including TARGET somatic alteration panel data and RNA fusion panel data. These panels help facilitate the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of childhood cancers as well as aid in evaluating patients for eligibility in clinical trials.

Other platform enhancements will help ensure that data can be easily shared and integrated, including:

  • the addition of 22 terms to describe pediatric cancer diseases (now 63 total).
  • an updated version of the Experimental Factor Ontology IDs.
  • a reconciling of the Relevant Molecular Target List to reflect the FDA’s latest listing (i.e., the September 9, 2022 listing).

See the latest release PDF form for additional details on new features.

Dr. Subhashini Jagu, CBIIT Scientific Policy and Program Branch A chief and CCDI Data Platform working group member, noted, “These latest enhancements should help researchers in their search for potential targets for the treatment of childhood cancers.”

“The ultimate goal,” she added, “is to speed the process of identifying and developing effective therapies that can be uniquely tailored to each child.”

The CCDI MTP launched in August 2022, giving researchers a way to systemically identify and prioritize potential targets for developing safe and effective treatments for childhood cancer. Check out our August article for more information on MTP’s background and objective.

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