Check Out the Latest Updates to the NCI Thesaurus and Metathesaurus

NCI Enterprise Vocabulary Services have developed and published the latest NCI Thesaurus (NCIt) and NCI Metathesaurus (NCIm). These resources facilitate the use and standardization of terminology across NCI and the larger biomedical community.

New/Updated NCIt Content

NCIm Content

NCIm, version 202202, is available on the NCIm Browser and updated terminology sources include:

  • UMLS 2021_AB
  • SnomedCT_US_2021_09_01
  • MedDRA_24_1
  • NCI Thesuarus_2022_01E

Other Terminologies/Ontologies That Have Been Published

  • CanMED: Cancer Medications Enquiry Database (February 2022)
  • ChEBI: Chemical Entities of Biological Interest (v.210)
  • GO: Gene Ontology (April 2022)
  • HGNC: HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee (April 2022)
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