Access Imaging Data Through the Cloud-based NCI Imaging Data Commons

An icon depicts a human entering a CT scanning machine. Foreground text reads, "NCI's Cancer Imaging Data Commons has launched!"

Seeking useful data you can use today? Look no further for rich sets of radiology and medical imaging data; NCI’s Imaging Data Commons (IDC) is now available for imaging data discovery and analysis. The IDC provides cloud-based access to a wide variety of medical imaging and metadata from The Cancer Imaging Archive and other NCI projects such as the Human Tumor Atlas Network (coming in 2021). Researchers and data scientists alike can work with the imaging data that's in the cloud to:

  • Access, analyze, and share imaging and metadata
  • Leverage a growing open source library of tools and workflows
  • Train machine learning algorithms and share tools with the community that aid in medical image recognition, metadata automation, and large-scale analysis

As the latest repository within the NCI Cancer Research Data Commons (CRDC), the IDC allows researchers to connect imaging data to corresponding genomics and proteomics data within the CRDC.

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