Denise Warzel

Science Program Analyst


Ms. Denise Warzel is a science program analyst at CBIIT. She joined NCI in 2000 to lead the design and development of the Cancer Data Standards Registry and Repository (caDSR) infrastructure, where machine-readable definitions of Common Data Elements and case report forms are created, maintained, and distributed. She specializes in systems that leverage machine-readable data semantics to ensure that data descriptions can be easily understood at all levels and are useful throughout the project’s lifecycle. Prior to joining NCI, Ms. Warzel worked for the International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation, where she was involved in deep learning projects to discover the hidden value behind point-of-sale “shopping basket” data and IBM’s Deep Blue project. That work led her to NCI, where she’s leveraging her expertise to develop a metadata infrastructure that helps advance cancer research. She serves as convenor for work on the ISO JTC1 SC32 WG2–Information Technology Metadata Standards for Data Management and Interchange, Metadata Standards project. Ms. Warzel has a bachelor’s degree with an emphasis on management and information systems from the University of Georgia and a master of science in computer science from the University of Oxford.


  • Cancer Data Standards Registry and Repository (caDSR)