Denise Warzel, M.Sc.

Science Program Analyst

  • Current Role

    Current Role

    I’m a science program analyst who leads the design and development of the Cancer Data Standards Registry and Repository (caDSR) infrastructure, where machine-readable definitions of Common Data Elements (CDEs), case report forms (CRFs), and data models are created, maintained, and distributed. I specialize in systems that leverage machine-readable data semantics based on common concepts to ensure data descriptions can be easily understood at all levels and are useful throughout the data lifecycle.

    My area of expertise is management and information systems. We have been using Agile development in our current caDSR projects. I also specialize in data management practices, specifically around the creation and management of information needed to accurately describe data elements and models (i.e., metadata), which is the primary mission of caDSR.

    In addition to a masters in computer science, I am certified as a COR II and SOA Analyst.

    I also serve on the NIH CDE Governance Group reviewing submissions of CDEs for NIH Endorsement, and I am Convenor JTC1 SC32 Data Management and Interchange, WG2 Metadata Standards, International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

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    Scientist, sitting in a lab, looking at bar chart displayed on a computer screen.

    Cancer Data Standards Registry and Repository

    Provides access to oncology research common data elements and forms.
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    In the News

    The quest to harmonize data has ushered in a new way of thinking about standardization. Now, rather than expecting everyone to adopt a particular model or standard, we’re seeking to leverage technology that can do some of this work for us. The DREAM Challenge was designed to make aggregating and mapping data to the correct lexicon of terms and metadata a nearly seamless step for researchers. Read more about the Challenge that’s currently underway and how we hope to address harmonization in the future.
  • Background



    • M.Sc., Computer Science, University of Oxford
    • B.B.A., Management Information Systems and Services, University of Georgia

    Previous Work

    • Independent Consultant, ISO and the International Electrotechnical Commission
    • Independent Consultant, Office of Informatics and Organ Systems Branch, SPORE Programs
    • Senior Research Associate, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Cancer Center
    • Manager, International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation