Craig Hayn

Supervisory IT Specialist (Information Security), Branch Chief

  • Current Role

    Current Role

    As the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), I maintain information security and privacy as well as implement cybersecurity measures that help protect NCI’s vast information system resources, networks, applications, and data. I lead a team of deputy security officers and direct contractor support staff who help carry out NCI’s complex and diverse security mission, which ranges from cyber governance, risk management and compliance/auditing, to security operations. My team and I strive to fulfill customer needs and ensure that solutions are practical, re-usable, and compliant with federal policies and mandates.

  • Background



    • B.S., Information Systems Management, University of Maryland Global Campus

    Previous Work

    • Information Security Manager, Attain, LLC
    • Cyber Security Lead Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton
    • Network Systems Administrator, SAIC
    • IT Support and Records Management, EG&G and Rockwell International

    Recent Awards

    • 2020 NCI Director’s Award, as a member of the NCI IT Onsite and Remote Computer Deployment Brigade
    • 2017 NCI CIO Award for Successful Sponsorship of the FedRAMP Druva inSync Remote Backup Service, Authority to Operate
    • 2017 NCI CBIIT Award for Cross-Collaboration Award
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