Data Infrastructure: The Cancer Research Data Commons

July 24, 2019 8:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. ET

The State of Data Science in Radiation Oncology workshop will highlight major domains of data science knowledge and research within the field of radiation oncology. The explosion of data as well as data-focused initiatives in oncology has generated tremendous interest among clinicians and data scientists alike about how pragmatic data programs can advance cancer care. The course is geared towards clinicians and data scientists alike who have a strong interest in data science applications within radiation oncology, with a special emphasis on clinical provider engagement. See the full agenda

Erika Kim, Ph.D.

Dr. Erika M. Kim (Kwon) is a program manager in CBIIT’s Cancer Informatics Branch. She is responsible for planning and managing programs in large-scale data management for scientific research as part of the NCI Cancer Research Data Commons. Prior to joining CBIIT, Dr. Kim spent 12 years at the National Human Genome Research Institute’s (NHGRI) intramural research program as a research scientist and bioinformatician. During her time at NHGRI, she was recognized as a recipient of NHGRI’s Intramural Research Award and American Society of Hematology Achievement Award. Dr. Kim received her master’s degree in bioinformatics from Johns Hopkins University and her doctorate in human genetics from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

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