Cristina Russo, Ph.D.

Clinical Bioinformatics Program Manager


Dr. Cristina Russo is a program manager at CBIIT where she oversees efforts related to clinical bioinformatics, patient engagement, and precision-medicine clinical trials. Before joining CBIIT, Dr. Russo worked as a lead bioinformatician and manager of data science and analytics. Her research with clinical trials helped to identify novel vaccines and treatment for infectious diseases. In particular, Dr. Russo developed a system for tracking staffing resources that enabled healthcare practitioners to test and deliver the first Ebola vaccine at rural sites in Sierra Leone. She also developed analytics platforms to integrate data from clinical trials with grant funding, enabling more informed decision-making in the study of emerging diseases. Dr. Russo received a fellowship from the University of Washington to address HIV–1 drug targets and hydrogel scaffolds. She earned a Ph.D. in molecular biophysics, with an emphasis on computational simulation of DNA-protein binding, from Florida State University.